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    • Booker

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      10 reviews
      12 minutes Cabo Ruivo 1990-197 Alameda dos Oceanos 19A, Lisboa
      The best cappuccino and amazing atmosphere ️
    • Häagen-Dazs

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      44 reviews
      3 minutes Colégio Militar/Luz 1500-392 Av. Lusíada, Centro Comercial Colombo, Loja 2077, Letras CC, Lisboa
      Well, ice creams as always of the highest quality, I am Mexican and consume these ice creams in my country too, I can say that they are excellent
      By agreement
      39 more prices
    • Häagen-Dazs

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      21 reviews
      9 minutes Rato 1070-103 Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Amoreiras Shopping Center, Loja 5025, Lisboa
      My favorite ice cream in the entire world and each place has your unique specials.
      If you are looking for a pretty refreshing flavor the raspberry one it’s the best choice. OMG!!!!
      I had to stop by twice…
      Bucket list travel alert: It’s a MUST GO…
      By agreement
      39 more prices
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    • Häagen-Dazs

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      38 reviews
      2 minutes São Sebastião 1069-413 Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 31, El Corte Inglés de Lisboa, Lisboa
      Fui atraído por um banner de um crepe. O sorvete não tem como ser ruim, já que era Häagen-Dazs. O crepe, no entanto, era uma massa insossa jogada de qualquer jeito e com duas bolas de sorvete. O crepe conseguiu estragar o sorvete. Se for pra…
      By agreement
      39 more prices
    • KAYA - Coffee & Organic Hair Concept

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      125 reviews
      12 minutes Rato 1200-418 R. de São Marçal 1 C, Lisboa
      Tasty food, friendly staff, best coffee in the area
    • Seagull Method

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      204 reviews
      11 minutes Restauradores 1200-311 R. da Palmeira 23, Lisboa
      Massive line outside — you will not have a relaxed, pleasant eating experience here if you come during typical brunch hours on weekends. Food was okayish. I ordered syrniki (Ukrainian cottage cheese pancakes) which tasted burnt more than anything…
    • Paladarium

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      215 reviews
      5 minutes Rossio 1100-145 Largo Chão do Loureiro 3, Lisboa
      Food was ok but definitely no 4.6 stars. Was expensive, small and mediocre. Cup of beer was the highest I ever paid in Portugal. I believe ownership changed and the previous rating doesn’t apply anymore. Avoid this place, there are better options…
    • Dede's

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      105 reviews
      17 minutes Rato 1200-796 R. de Sant'Ana à Lapa 33, Lisboa
      One of the best cafes in town! The food is amazing and Chef Dede is the best!!

      Tucked away on a corner in Lisbon, it’s the chill vibe and good energy that makes the spot a must visit for breakfast, brunch, lunch or an afternoon meeting!
    • Fábrica da Nata - Pastéis de Nata

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      189 reviews
      Open until 20:00
      1 minute Restauradores 1250-110 Praça dos Restauradores 62 -68, Lisboa
      Die Pastéis de Nata waren gut, jedoch nicht die Besten wir in Lissabon probieren konnten. Die Bewertung betrifft nur dieses Gebäck. Auch hier war leider wieder der Blätterteig das 'Problem', da dieser Fettgetränkt war und zwar so, dass sich auf…
    • Malabarista Café - Specialty Coffee

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      101 reviews
      4 minutes Anjos 1170-213 R. Maria 66B, Lisboa
      Não achei nada excepcional. Comida e bebida ok. Vc tem q se espremer pra caber entre os assentos das mesas que não é mto confortável o banco. Esqueceram parte do nosso pedido. Mto mais caro que o usual pra oq foi entregue. Comemos melhor e mto…
    • Brooklyn Lisboa

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      111 reviews
      7 minutes Restauradores 1250-096 Praça da Alegria 35, Lisboa
      Uma delícia de lugar! Música agradável, café muito bom e muitas delícias gastronômicas.
    • The Food for Real Alcântara

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      104 reviews
      40 minutes Rato 1300-366 R. dos Lusíadas 51 A, Lisboa
      It’s worth the walk! No tourist trap, there were plenty of Portuguese eating here. Honestly one of the loveliest services I ever had in Portugal, authentic hospitality, great smiles, very willing to communicate. Food is great and will be served…
    • Melbourne elouera

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      80 reviews
      Open until 17:00
      18 minutes Rato 1350-250 Rua do Possolo 52, Lisboa
      Soooo delicious and very friendly staff!
      Thank you very much, we will come again!
    • Fábrica Coffee Roasters

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      184 reviews
      4 minutes Terreiro do Paço 1100-150 R. do Comércio 111, Lisboa
    • Neighbourhood Cafe Lisbon

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      28 reviews
      10 minutes Cais do Sodré 1200-163 Largo do Conde Barão 25, Lisboa
    • Cavacório

      Restaurants Coffee shops
      1 rating
      Open until 20:00
      7 minutes Santa Apolónia 1100-604 Rua do Terreiro do Trigo 64, Lisboa
    • Moko Veggie Café - Anjos

      Restaurants Coffee places
      83 reviews
      2 minutes Anjos 邮政编码: 1170-132, Rua do Forno do Tijolo, Lisboa, Lisboa
      Sehr lecker. Gemischtes Publikum
    • The Lumiares Hotel & Spa

      Restaurants Coffee house
      81 reviews
      4 minutes Restauradores 1200-146 R. do Diário de Notícias 142, Lisboa
      Nice hotel, suite is very sober and poorly decorated. There is a noicy street that has lots of peeps till 01:00, so if you are a light sleeper avoid that side. Shower gives little water. Location is super and right in bairro alto. For me price and…
    • Fábrica Coffee Shop

      Restaurants Coffeeshops
      153 reviews
      5 minutes Baixa-Chiado 1200-193 Rua das Flores 63, Lisboa
      La Marzocco coffee machine so the coffee is excellent!
      Is not ideal for working but still perfect place
    • Chasing Rabbits - Record Store

      Restaurants Coffee stores
      53 reviews
      5 minutes Rato 1250-262 Rua do Sol ao Rato 61A, Lisboa
      A lovely place. The owners are so kind and clearly invested in everyone having a great experience. We had the burger and chili and both were delicious — can’t wait to come back and explore even more of the menu!
    • DeBru - cowork . craft beer . eventos

      Restaurants Coffee stand
      44 reviews
      9 minutes Intendente 1150-313 R. Luciano Cordeiro 2C, Lisboa
      Pizza was so good! Great lunch spot!
    • Coffee in Brew

      Restaurants Specialty coffee
      130 reviews
      Open until 16:00
      8 minutes Marquês de Pombal 1150-216 R. Luciano Cordeiro 58D, Lisboa
      Amazing espresso coffee and lovely staff.
      The place has a nice terrace in a corner.
      I really recommend this place if you love the coffee.
    • O Melhor Croissant da Minha Rua (Alcântara)

      Restaurants Coffee spot
      58 reviews
      42 minutes Rato 1300-360 R. Luís de Camões 76, Lisboa
    • Remi - Artisanal Bakery & Bistro

      Restaurants Coffee bar
      118 reviews
      2 minutes Anjos 1150-035 Rua dos Anjos 63, Lisboa
      Cozy place, very good food, nice staff.
    • Le Petit Prince Culture Café

      Restaurants Sit coffee shops
      70 reviews
      11 minutes Restauradores 1200-098 R. Cecílio de Sousa 1a, Lisboa
      Glad they closed. They used to charge extra 50 cents for oat milk with the excuse that it was organic.
    • Casa da Selva

      Restaurants Cafe shop
      43 reviews
      7 minutes Alto dos Moinjos 1500-076 Estr. de Benfica 373, A, Lisboa
      A melhor casa do género em Lisboa!
      Produtos da melhor qualidade e atendimento de excelência. Sinto-me em família..
    • Curva

      Restaurants Cappuccino
      62 reviews
      4 minutes Intendente 1170-113 R. Damasceno Monteiro 108D, Lisboa
      Very nice place and great breakfast. The place looks very nice and th staff is friendly!
    • Despensa da Academia

      Restaurants Coffee restaurants
      54 reviews
      10 minutes Restauradores 1200-003 R. Academia das Ciências 17B, Lisboa
      Comida deliciosa e o atendimento mais simpático de Lisboa!
    • Charlot Alfama

      Restaurants Espresso coffee
      77 reviews
      Open until 21:00
      7 minutes Santa Apolónia 1100-218 R. das Escolas Gerais 59A, Lisboa
    • Roastberry Coffee Lab

      Restaurants Coffee lounge
      71 reviews
      34 minutes Rato 1300-611 R. Prof. Machado Macedo bloco D loja B, Lisboa
      Coffee roastery and cafe. When we went it was quite quiet. Both the drinks we had were delicious. Well roasted natural coffees with plentiful flavours. Drinks made well.
    Average company rating - 4.6 based on 2656 reviews and 4123 ratings